Unlimited workplace.
Endless Activities.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Everybody’s invited.

Everybody’s invited.

We've designed TableAir operating system so you would have fun on big and small screens. All personalized. Even with training programs and team health challenges.

Ready to rock!

Where's my team?

You can easily locate your active colleagues in the workplace.

Roomy workplace?

Roomy workplace?

From big conference venues to address the company to cozy private rooms for those deep work sessions Table Air has all the right tools upon its sleeve.

Make any office, smart.

Invest in brand new, ready-to-go smart furniture, or deploy our SBU kits to make your existing furniture smart.

New Smart Furniture

New Smart Furnitureyour activity based workplace, beautified.

  • Intuitive height setting
  • Distinctive look that elevates your desk
  • Enables TableAir Cloud Booking
  • Optional sound alerts
  • Allows pairing you smartphone with TA app
  • Swap between sit/stand in a blink of an eye
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Upgrade Existing Workspaces

Upgrade Existing Workspaces make any furniture smart.

  • Enables TableAir Cloud Booking
  • Collects analytics about table usage
  • Allows pairing with Table Air app
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What get's measured,

What get's measured,<br> improves.

So much data. So many opportunities.

Moving to new office or staying at the same place - always make educated, data-driven decisions in real-time on office space utilization. Track and improve the way your employees are engaging with the workplace.

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